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These are “report papers” that contain the interim progress and so on of papers, which are not necessarily completed academic papers, with the aim of inviting a wide range of opinions in order to disclose the results of research and promote research exchange and joint research.

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Discussion Paper Archives

Discussion Paper (2007)

NO.2 dp-2007-2E April 2007

Fitting with Organizations or Jobs?
A Multilevel Investigation of HR Effects on Employee Behaviors (PDF)
Author:Norihiko Takeuchi (School of Management Tokyo University of Science)
Author:Tomokazu Takeuchi (Department of Career Development Kawaguchi Junior College)
Author:Yutaka Toshima (College of Commerce Nihon University)

Discussion Paper (2007)

NO.1 dp-2007-1E February 2007

Shareholders’ Value Creation and Destruction: The Stock Prices’ Effects of Merger Announcement in Japan (PDF)
Author:Ognjenka Zrilic (Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering University of Tsukuba)
Author:Yasuo Hoshino (Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering University of Tsukuba)